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Strong Women Are Not Born, They Are Created By The Storms They Survive

Neither one of us knows how strong we can be, until we are in a situation all by ourselves, and we have no other choice but to be brave and keep moving forward.

A lot of people find the strong women intimidating, but the thing is, that they refuse to break down, and struggle after each storm in their lives. Being strong doesn’t mean that you can’t experience something emotionally, it means that you have the strength to rise up each time you fall down.

Emotionally intelligent women are fearless, passionate and confident. The countless battles they’ve fought and won in their life, prepared them for new challenges that life can bring them, and nothing is a surprise to them anymore.

These women have learned from their mistakes and they have become stronger and wiser, ready to deal with the next hardships in life and survive over and over again. These women trust themselves, and this is helping them to overcome the difficulties.

Strong women are inspirational, independent, fascinating and motivating.

Here are some characteristics that define them:

  • They are survivors, they are courageous, and utilize their missteps as venturing stones 
  • These ladies have confidence in themselves, and consistently let their instinct guide them 
  • They are not hesitant to show they are defenseless, as they can generally become alive once again like a phoenix 
  • They never overestimate themselves to misjudge others 
  • They know about their value, know their qualities and shortcomings, and grasp the way that they are blemished yet special 
  • Honesty is the best strategy for these ladies, and they would prefer to hurt somebody with reality, at that point comfort them with a lie
  • They look for regard, not consideration, and on the off chance that they are not acknowledged, they will simply leave 
  • Strong ladies have unadulterated spirits, never center around pessimism, and are prepared to excuse, as they realize that we as a whole commit mistakes
  • These ladies face their feelings of dread and challenge themselves to develop significantly more grounded, step by step

As Alysia Helming, a producer, bestselling author, and environmentalist, wrote:

Strong women are not born. We’re forged through the challenges in our lives. With every challenge, we grow both emotionally and mentally. We’re moving forward with our head high, and undeniable strength.

A woman who has been through a storm, and survived.

We’re warriors!


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