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‘Super Mom’ Spotted On A Minnesota Lake – With 56 Ducklings In Tow

Last summer a photograph of a regular merganser duck which was followed by more than 50 ducklings quickly went viral. The photo was taken by Brent Cizek, who is an amateur photographer. And people are wondering if they’ll be able to see something new that will top this!

Lake Bemidji Ducklings

Brent Cizek went for a walk and to shoot some pictures at the Lake Bemidji in Bemidji, Minnesota. He took with himself only the camera and one lens, and he also hoped to see and shoot something interesting. He had no idea that he would run into the ducklings.

When Brent first saw the duckling family, there were about 56 little ducklings. But later he came back and he counted 75.

Bobbing Around

Talking about taking his pontoon out on to an uneven Lake Bemidji he says ‘Well, it wasn’t the best thought as it was very blustery that day and the waves were hurling my vessel around toward any path that it needed to.’ Cizek said in a meeting ‘I chose to continue, realizing that it wasn’t likely that I would see anything, considerably less have the option to snap a picture with the rough water.’ 

Snapshots of Ducklings 

It was with that attitude that Cizek happened to see one duck, trailed by a trail of ducklings. Going after his binoculars to get a more critical look, he started snapping endlessly. ‘I most likely shot 50 pictures, and 

I was simply supplicating that one was going to turn out sharp on the grounds that the waves were so solid it was about difficult to try and keep them in the edge,’ Cizek says. Fortunately for him, and us, he figured out how to get one splendidly clear photo of the remarkable family. 

The National Audubon Society immediately grabbed the story and his photographs and it became a web sensation from that point. 

Proud Mama 

It sort of propels you just to look and ponder: How? – Cizek said. How did this happen? How is this mother dealing with these ducklings? She just looks extremely glad and apathetic in the photograph. 

Speculating that there were around 50 ducklings, he was stunned when he returned another outing to the lake. I had the option to then check 76 infants with her, so she had gotten more children en route, he says. It’s been momentous. It will be a tragic day when they proceed with their relocation.

Why So Many Ducklings? 

While it’s improbable that the majority of the ducklings brought forth from Mama Merganser’s eggs (indeed, outlandish extremely) it isn’t so phenomenal for mergansers to have agonizes that enormous. They normally just lay up to 13 eggs one after another, yet the fascinating thing is, they don’t constantly lay them all in their own homes. 

Discussion about not placing all your investments tied up on one place! Mergansers do only that, they lay their eggs in other ducks homes to attempt to guarantee that probably a portion of their posterity endure, regardless of what occurs. 

Duckling Daycare 

Another conceivable choice for why Mama Merganser had such a large number of infants obediently following her is some sort of ducky childcare. Isolated ducklings will frequently connect themselves to ducks that resemble their moms, and that could be the situation here. 

Adult ducks can’t see the difference between their children and others, and ducklings imprint on their mom thus discover somebody they believe is their mom duck.

Nobody knows what the real reason is for this big family, maybe some of the ducklings will carry on the tradition and adopt everybody they meet. If you live somewhere near Lake Bemidji, keep one eye open for the next Mama Merganser, maybe you’ll be the next whom photographs will go viral!


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