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Teacher Gives Anatomy Lesson In A Full-Body Suit That Maps Out The Human Body In Sharp Detail

Being a teacher is far more demanding, that anyone who has not tried it believes!

A teacher must have his students’ attention, and present the new material that they have to learn in a way so that they can understand it, teach them how to relate it with some familiar concepts, and also stimulate them to be interested more in the way that they can use that later again.

Verónica Duque from Valladolid in Spain, is a teacher that made sure her students learn the human anatomy properly, and they know every detail of the human body.

One day this teacher entered the classroom dressed in a full-body suit that showed each part of the human body. She also reported that the reactions were mixed. Some of the students shouted, some of them applauded, some of them covered their eyes, and some were looking confused.

She reported:

I’ve been teaching for 15 years, and I teach art, Spanish, English, and natural and social science as well. I was surfing on my laptop, when an AliExpress popped up with a swimsuit. I knew it might be hard for the students to visualize the internal organs of the human body, so I thought that this might be worth trying.

Her husband, Michael, shared the photographs of Verónica on Twitter, with a subtitle: 

Exceptionally pleased with this fountain of thoughts that I am fortunate to have as a lady. Today she disclosed the human body to her understudies in an exceptionally unique manner. Furthermore, the children blowing a gasket. Great Veronica !!!

The photograph became a web sensation, and on Twitter, it has over 70,5K preferences, 14K retweets, and 1.8K remarks. 

One individual remarked that ‘More educators with that longing to instruct are required’, while another called attention to that she had illustrated ‘all out commitment to the calling’. 

Verónica claims that she generally attempts to be inventive in class, as she has understood that children appreciate visual guides more than composed content or verbally expressed words. 

I chose quite a while in the past to utilize camouflages for history exercises. I’m additionally utilizing cardboard crowns for my understudies to learn linguistic classes, for example, things, descriptors, and action words. Diverse sentence structure realms, so to state.

Teachers have some of the noblest professions of all, since their role is to multiply and share the knowledge and wisdom.

Veronica also added that she would love for people to stop considering teachers as the lazy bureaucratic public servants, because ‘they are not’.

Here are a few reactions on Twitter:


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