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The Best Way to Keep Mice Out of Campers

There isn’t anyone who would enjoy the view of a mice running across the camper or the living room or the kitchen, which is why we want to give you a few ideas, which are very cheap and they are not aggressive at all, but these ways are also very efficient for mice pest control.

You should know that it can never be too early to set up mouse traps, because once you put them up in your camper, your garage and inside your house, you can be care-free that if there is a mouse it will trap itself inside.

A spokesperson for the National Pest Management Association – Cindy Mannes reported and gave a few ideas on how to deter these little critters easily:

“You should know that if you see a mouse in your house than it is for sure that there isn’t only one, there must be another one or even more. They want and need the same things we need during the winter – shelter, water and food. Which is why they are going along with humans so well, because they live just like us. As soon as one finds its way into the house, others will join them very fast, and also you should know that they multiply very, and we mean very fast!”

The best thing to do is, first inspect your garage, then your camper, and then go back inside and inspect your home. And if you see any traces or clues of mice, then there are some for sure. It is best to do this around disk, because then it is dark and very quiet.

No matter if you’ve seen any new unwanted guests or not, you must close all free and possible entrances in your house, and make sure there is no food left like that around the house.

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control reported:

“A mouse is able to go inside through the smallest crack on a wall, floor or foundation. Even the tiniest opening is a possible entrance for a mouse, because they have very soft cartilages. Also they can fit and go through drainage pipes and utility lines, which are small gaps but they can squeeze through them. Openings which are larger than 1/4” can be considered a possible entrance”

Mice are not fans of aluminum foil, so you should line every entry point in your house with it, and also put food into plates and cover it with aluminum foil, especially if something is going in the garage or the basement.

Here we will give you some free alternatives to catch and release mousetraps which can be prepared in a couple of minutes:

  • Put a couple of soap bars in your camper and garage, since they have a strong smell, it will keep the unwanted guests at bay.
  • Around every crack or gasp in the house which is a possible entrance, you should tape or tuck dryer sheets. Every now and then, in a period of 2 weeks you can change them.
  • Get a few cotton balls and try to soak them in peppermint oil, then you can put them all around the house, in your camper and in your garage.

If you do these suggested alternatives to prevent from these unwanted guests, your house will be completely rodent-free, so you can be sure that they won’t be paying you a visit.


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