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The Ingenious Floating Gardens of the Ancient Aztecs

The more we’re learning about ancient civilizations, the more they are fascinating us. The Aztecs were a nomadic tribe, which arrived in Mesoamerica at the beginning of the 13th century.

These very skilled people actually became one of the most dominant forces, because they drastically developed in a political, religious, commercial and social aspect!

The Aztec people have expressed their rich culture through their food, clothing, religious traditions, warfare, food, language and art.

Later in the 16th century, Cortes has discovered the Aztec empire, which was the home of more than 200,000 people.

Tenochtitlan, which we know as Mexico City, was perhaps a capital, with a fortress, surrounded with water.

In order to feed their people, they built floating gardens, also known as chinampas, by creating the marshy lakebed of Lake Texcoco, in a masterpiece of engineering!

The gardens were 90 meters in length and 9 meters wide. The Aztecs made immense pontoons by weaving stays together. At that point they gathered the gathered mud from the base of the lake over the pontoon to make a 90cm-thick soil layer. 

They were joined to willow trees planted close by the lake. The 22,000-section of land garden systems were encompassed by a channel which enabled kayaks to go through. 

These waterways shaped a fantasy that these rural grounds were drifting on water, which clarifies the misattribution as ‘coasting gardens’. 

They planted corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, peppers, and blossoms, and the creative gardens yielded seven harvests for each year. 

Despite the fact that they are seen as a crude and ruthless society, the Aztecs were in reality among the most progressive human advancements on the planet at the time. 

They likewise had propelled foundation and an advanced depleting system, which was utilized to shield the harvests from conceivable flooding in the blustery season, so they utilized dams, floodgate entryways, and trenches. 

During the dry season, the conveyed water from the channels to water their yields. 

Harvests were prepared with human stool, gathered in kayaks from the city. The City of Mexico is said to have attempted once to make a comparative wastewater treatment system similarly as the Aztec chinampa system. 

The Aztecs found real approaches to use the earth to further their potential benefit, which again talks about their exceptionally developed society.

However, the arrival of the Conquistadors, who bore an advantage over the Aztecs. Their horses, guns and swords were nullified in the sanctuary of the chinampas. Cortez, in 1521, in his search of gold and treasure, not crops, he ordered his people to destroy the floating gardens, and burn them as he was ransacking the city on June 16th.

This was the end of chinampas, which never rose again!


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