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The No Squats Belly, Butt, and Thighs Workout

The following 5 moves we are about to present in today’s article are the newest way to shape up your butt, belly, and thighs without putting too much pressure on your joints. To perform them, you will need only 1 piece of equipment which we are certain that you have it at home – a wall. Just make this routine 5 times a week barefoot. Perform 10 slow reps of each move. If you want to achieve the best results faster, do 2 sets of each move + 30 minutes of cardio.

Wall Bridge – Lie down on the floor with your butt against the wall. Put your arms at sides. Then, bend the knees and plant your feet 4 feet up the wall. Next, lift the lower back off the ground but keep your shoulders on the floor. Inhale deeply and then slowly exhale and return to the initial position.

HARDER: Cross the left ankle over the right knee so that the right foot only is on wall.

EASIER: Do this exercise without using the wall. Lift your back into a bridge by keeping the feet on floor

Windshield Wipers – Lie on the back on the ground with the feet on the wall. Your feet’s bottoms should face the ceiling. Then, lower the left leg slowly like a clock toward 9 o’clock. Next, get back to the initial position and repeat with the other leg toward 3 o’clock.

HARDER: Wrap an elastic band around the left foot and hold both ends for added resistance as you sweep the legs down the wall.

EASIER: While performing the exercise, move the butt 3-6 inches away from the wall.

Toe Reaches – Lie on the ground and press the heels against the wall. With your right hand try to reach the left foot and raise your right shoulder off the ground. Get back to the initial position and then repeat with the other hand and its opposite foot.

HARDER: Do this exercise with the feet stacked toe to heel.

EASIER: Try to reach your knees, instead your toes.

Wall Scissor – Put your butt close to the wall and the feet stack on the wall. Then, put your elbows on the floor and raise your hips up. Next, walk the feet up the wall in order your legs to be straight. From here, start lowering the left leg toward the head. Then, repeat with the other leg. Keep on doing it until you’ve done all reps.

HARDER: Pause 2 times as you lower the leg, moving it down and up an inch or 2, before getting back to the wall.

EASIER: Begin with the hips 6 inches away from wall.

Knee Press – Lie on the ground and place the butt against the wall. Bent your knees and plant your feet 3 feet up the wall. Lift the butt off the floor and then cross the right ankle over the left one. Pulse the knee 20 times toward the wall without moving the rest of the torso. Then, repeat on the left side.

HARDER: With each repetition, lower and lift the hips a few inches as you press the knee.

EASIER: Do the exercise with the butt on the ground.


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