The Smell Of The Rain Reduces Stress And 7 Other Benefits Of Walking In The Rain

A lot of people enjoy the sound of the rain, a lot of people also find it calming and romantic, while others like its smell that has the ability to calm the nerves. Walking in the pouring rain can be a really helpful and healing experience, since it releases the suppressed emotions and thoughts, and it calms the mind as well.

The smell of the pouring rain has a name for itself, it is Petrichor, and it was named after two Australian scientists in the 1960s.

This smell is a combination of  oils released from the plants, ozone created when lightning splits nitrogen and oxygen molecules that turn into nitric oxide, and chemicals released by the soil-dwelling bacteria.

Rainy days are perfect when you’re stressed out, when you feel down, and you just want to relax and enjoy the moment for a while.

But, besides lowering yours tress levels, going for a walk in the rain is offering 7 other benefits for your health too:

  1. Japanese researchers have found out that physical activities in a rainy and cold weather burn a lot more fats and calories than doing them on a hot day.
  2. The moisture in the air is keeping your hair and skin moisturized, since it is alkaline in nature, the rain is perfect for the scalp and skin.
  3. The smell of the rain is refreshing your mind.
  4. A walk in the rain is helping people to see the problems from a different perspective.
  5. Going for a walk in the rain makes you feel rebellious, so if you want to break a rule, feel free to do it in the rain.
  6. Since very fewer people go for a walk in the rain, this gives us a lot more space, so our emotions and thoughts can run free and wild.
  7. While it’s raining, rain drops absorb microbes and dust, therefore the air is purified, and a lot cleaner.

So, don’t be afraid to go out for a walk while it’s raining, it will only help you and will open you a new lease of life!


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