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There Are Bees That Sleep In Flowers And It’s As Cute As It Sounds

Are you afraid from insects and bugs? are bees freaking you out? If they do, then maybe these few photos will change your mind. Below in the article you can find a couple of photographs of bees sleeping inside some flowers. Imagine a fluffy bee all covered in pollen, sleeping inside a flower, isn’t that the cutest thing ever?

Joe Neely took the photos, and he is the photographer that will change your mind about bees, and you’ll fall in love with these fluffy and tiny insects right away. Joe took the photographs of two bees sleeping inside a flower, and it is the cutest thing you’ll find on the internet at this point.

Joe went with his wife Nicole for a walk, they wanted to simply shoot a couple of photos from poppy flowers. They stopped close to a highway to shoot some pink flower, and they found out that they found a hidden orange globe mallow plant. Nicole noticed that there were bees buzzing everywhere around the flowers, but there were even bees inside the flowers and they weren’t moving.

There is a species of bees called DIadasia Dilminuta, and this specie sleeps for a couple of hours in orange globe mallow. Not all bees do this, but this certain type does after they finish their job. Brandon Hopkins from the Washington State University explained that the bees don’t have eyelids, but their antenna stops moving, and they fall sideways asleep.

Joe came a little bit closer to the sleeping beauties, and he wanted to be sure if they’re alive. All the flowers were full of bees, but there was one bee out. That bee was moving like it was drunk, it got to flower, it opened it and it went inside with another bee and fell aside and went to sleep.

Bees are very important pollinators, we need them in order to protect our crops. About 1/3 of the food that we eat every day relies on bee pollination. Maybe you are scared of these small buzzing insects, but actually we need them to survive.

Without the bees, we will not have enough food to survive. We hope that these photos will change your mind about the bees, and you will care for them a little more, and understand how important their role in nature is.


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