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These 15 Drawings Are An Incredible Reflection of What’s Wrong With Society

The beauty of the art is in its own ability to predict or warn the future, depict the present or remind of the past.

Artists are using it to convey strong messages in a sophisticated way. They’ve always found a way to call out some serious aspects of the modern society and to raise awareness of some issues.

The modern society is facing a lot of challenges, which are long overdue for change, as in the run to ease and improve our lives, we’ve became a lot different and a lot more prone to self-destruction.

Al Margen is an illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is using his own drawings to reflect on what our society has become. They are pointing at the world’s biggest problems of today, and sometimes they are thought provoking and dark.

The author is explaining the drawings in a very artistic manner:

They are children of anger, nonconformity or boredom.

They represent the discarded ideas. They are our subconsciousness’ garbage. But they are a lot more sincere and visceral than other sad drawings, because they’ve no obligation to please.

Because they are a product of an impulse, nothing more. They were only born to annoy, because they’re showing the issues with our society.

He portrays all inclusive issues in an inciting and harsh way, and he wants to satisfy anybody with his outlines. 

While we as a whole realize that these issues exist in our general public, the majority of us decide to avoid them and watch by the sidelines. By means of his representations, Al Margen satirically communicates his impression of the oppressed world inside our social orders that we won’t go up against. 

His mocking representations remark on the unfortunate practices that were conceived of 21st-century advancements, and keeping in mind that the message of some of them is self-evident, others surrender the suggestions over to the watcher to decipher.

When you look at these drawings, you will start feeling a bit disappointed, uneasy and even sad.

Do some of these drawings inspire you to act?

Do you want to make a change?

Do you contribute to this very state of today’s society?


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