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These 30 Cute Baby Donkeys Are Everything You Need To See Today

Animals might brighten up your day in the blink of an eye. Having a pet at home is a chance to spend your days laughing and cuddling.

Even if you don’t own a pet, photos of baby animals are incredible mood boosters. And we’re not talking about puppies and kittens, because today we’ll show you some baby donkey pictures.

Baby donkeys have very goofy expressions, they have fluffy bodies, and they are very chunky. They also like to enjoy a short siesta, they’re doing it with their necks around each other, which is sort of a hug.

Oh, are they adorable.

They are very social animals, and they form very strong and emotional bonds with many other animals. They’re close relatives to the horses, however they’re fluffier and smaller than the horses.

In fact, horses are not as charming as baby donkeys.

Even our best friends, the dogs, love baby donkeys and they’re very loved by chickens and cats as well.

Do you need some more references?

They frequently have the notoriety of being difficult, yet halting and delving in their heels is an indication of their insight in light of the fact that these little cuties never run ensuring they are by one way or another undermined. 

These little looking ponies even have entertaining names, as a male jackass is called an ass, a female a jenny, and the child is known as a foal, similar to a pony!

Take a look at the heart warming photo collection of baby donkeys, below in the article:

1. Sparky- the baby donkey at Ashington Park Stud in Melbourne, Australia lives with his bear Ted, and care giver Sarah-Jane Lov.
2. The meeting of a little boy and a baby donkey.
3. Really cute donkey.
4. My horse, meets for the first time my 5-hour old baby donkey.
5. So fluffy!
6. Relaxing in the hammock.
7. The white and brown baby donkey.
8. 7-week old baby donkey.
9. Just enjoying the day.
10. Aren’t they adorable?
11. He loves being picked up.
12. Falling asleep in a hug.
13. When the little guy was found in the barn.
14. Smelling some flowers.
15. A newborn donkey with a big horse.
16. Primrose, a baby donkey getting her legs straightened.
17. This little girl is so cute.
18. Flying…almost.
19. Time for some shopping.
20. Little donkey.
21. Don’t leave me here alone!
22. Cuddling with mommy.
23. Sweet baby donkey.
24. Opie, the baby donkey.
25. Christmas at the farm.
26. This dog bed is very cozy.
27. Apollo the Donkey, and Gulliver the Horse enjoying their time together.
28. Time for silly selfies.
29. A little girl, with her new, baby donkey friend.
30. Cuteness overload.