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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Pink Himalayan Salt

One of the most essential nutrients that is highly needed to be present n our bodies, which is also needed for the nutrient transportation out and into the cells, which is regulating our blood pressure, exchanges ions and a lot more is the salt! But not every salt is the same. The table salt we use, doesn’t contain any minerals except the chloride and sodium, because it is stripped from the rest, therefore it won’t have the same positive bio-impact on our bodies, as the unrefined, pure salt would have that is containing thousands of other minerals too.

One of the most complete and nutritious salts we can buy is the Himalayan salt. This is a type of salt that was forming for millions of years in the Himalayas, this salt also contains countless trace minerals and macro-minerals, and it has a pinkish color. In the article below you can actually find about some of the health benefits that this salt can provide for you, and how some meals can be turned from blandest to a nutrient powerhouse.

Why everybody loves the Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan salt is very rich in minerals, it contains a huge number of minerals inside it. Actually there is a study done by the Meadow, in which it was proven that this salt contains 84 minerals inside it, and some other elements and electrolytes. This number has fascinated everybody, because only 118 elements are familiar and discovered scientifically, and 84 are contained in this salt. So if you add a little bit of Himalayan salt in your meals, can solve a lot of mineral deficiencies and will help you rectify them all. Also this salt contains the top 5 minerals that almost every American citizen is in lack of. Those minerals are the calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and iodine. The most frightening deficiency of all is the iodine deficiency, and also this one is the most common too. It is frightening because the iodine is playing a huge role in our metabolism functioning, it is actually controlling our thyroid gland. But if you use the Himalayan salt in your meals, you don’t need to worry about the iodine deficiency anymore!

Also there is another mineral that is highly important, and this mineral has it in huge amounts, that mineral is the sodium. Even though that this mineral is suffering because of its bad reputation because it is connected to processed foods, in fact the unprocessed and real sodium is quite important for our body. It is able to regulate the blood volume, therefore regulating our blood pressure too, and it is also supportive of our heart functions, nerve transmissions and muscle contractions as well. Health experts and scientists say that the recommended daily dose of sodium is somewhere between 1,500 and 2,300 milligrams for women and men between 9 and 50 years old. For example, in a single teaspoon of Himalayan salt, there are contained 400 milligrams of sodium.

Even though that the salt is mostly used in foods and meals, because of its richness in minerals it can also be used for external detoxification. Actually there is no better salt out there to bathe in, than the Himalayan salt. Our skin is easily penetrable for this salt because of its negative ions and minerals, therefore it can provide that detoxifying and cleansing effect, which will leave both our mind and our skin invigorated and rejuvenated even hours after the bath. Also the salt has a very good effect on the air that surrounds us. Don’t you think that it is not a coincidence that every salt lamp is made from Himalayan salt, and not from sea salt or table salt? The negative ions that the salt is releasing are bonding with the positive ones in the air, therefore neutralizing every pollutant in the air.

Purchasing Advice

You can buy Himalayan salt from a store, or you can order it online. Usually it is sold as coarse or fine grains. We highly recommend you to purchase the Fine-grained Himalayan salt, because the crystals are a lot smaller, which makes it easier to include it into meals. You can see if the color of the salt is pink, it means that it is rich in all of those minerals you’ve read about in the article above.


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