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This Is Why You Should Never Let Go Of A Balloon

Every action has a reaction, and some have consequences. But, sometimes we are just not aware that some harmless things can have very negative effects. This is why animal lovers have informed that releasing balloons up in the air is very dangerous to animals, even though that nobody is aware of it.

However, whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and wild birds, can become tangled in balloon strings, or even accidentally ingest come balloon parts.

According to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), wild animals can be easily confused, and consider the bright pieces of the balloon as food:

Balloons released in the air are not going to disappear magically, they either get snagged on electrical wires or tree branches, deflate a little and come back to the ground, or they just keep rising until they pop and fall back on the Earth, where they are causing a lot of problems.

Numerous balloons that are not appropriately discarded end up in the sea and along shores, turning out to be marine debris. Balloons can be confused with food, and whenever eaten and ingested, balloons and other marine trash can prompt loss of sustenance, interior injury, starvation, and passing. 

String or lace that is frequently discovered connected to balloons can cause snare. String can fold over marine life causing injury, ailment, and suffocation.” 

Balloons Blow, an organization that ‘gives data to teach individuals about the ruinous impacts discharged balloons have on creatures, individuals, and nature, and endeavors to motivate and advance an eco-cognizant way of life’, clarifies: 

All released balloons, including those erroneously promoted as ‘biodegradable latex,’ come back to Earth as appalling litter. They slaughter endless creatures and cause risky force blackouts. 

Balloons are additionally a misuse of Helium, a limited asset. Balloons can travel a large number of miles and dirty the most remote and unblemished spots. 

When they do, they become a risk to any animal that interacts with it.

Josie Jones saw a disastrous scene when she was cleaning up the trash from a sea shore in Australia. 

Jones found a wild penguin, with the feet tangled up in a tangle of four Balloons strings, and shockingly didn’t figure out how to free himself before it was past the point of no return. 

She shared this with the local organization, known as Earthcare St. Kilda, and they have explained that everything in a Facebook post:

A snare, for example, this would disable the penguin’s swimming ability, bringing about starvation or suffocating. Both the strip and balloons are to be faulted for this passing. These were somebody’s balloons. Was it justified, despite all the trouble?

Even though we can’t do anything for the poor penguin now, there are still many out there which we can help, if we start using some alternatives to balloons, which are environmentally friendly.

Flossy Sperring, research coordinator at Earthcare St. Kilda, reported:

Some of the important steps to protect wildlife from the plastic pollution, is to reduce our consumption. In terms of celebrations, there are a lot of environmentally friendly alternative, some proper decorations such as native or non-native plants, candles, confetti or lanterns, and much more. It’s very easy, people just need to be willing to say goodbye to some old habits.


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