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This Majestic Maine Coon Is Named Lotus And Is a Gigantic Ball of Love

You can be the biggest cat lover in the world, and still you’ll find this Maine Coon the most charming one of all! Every cat is heart-melting, fluffy, cute and sweet, but Maine Coons are all about warmth, elegance, fur, and love!

If you have your own Instagram profile, make sure you give Lotis The Maine Coon a follow. He will claim your heart in a second, he ha more than 270K followers, he is a real star and sensation on the internet!

This majestic cat has a very long fur around his face, that creates a picture as a lion’s mane. However, he has big and full paws, and has a very soft and a tail like a cotton candy, also his ears are lynx-like.

Main Coons are known as the Gentle Giants, they are the largest domestic cat breed.

They usually grow until they’re 4 years old, and the males usually weigh from 15 to 25 pounds, and they grow about 40 inches in length.

Even though that they’re huge, these wonderful cats are popular because of their friendly nature and loving personality. They love to play very much, and they also form a very powerful bond with their owner.

Lotus lives in Sweden, so he gets the chance to visit various delightful spots with his family, including his Maine coon sister named Marion. The cats love investing energy outside and investigating, and are regularly going on climbs and unwind in the green patio. 

His undertakings have collected a huge number of cat lovers who can’t get enough of his furry body.

His owner, Lindstein says:

He loves to sleep on the couch, and in the bed with us. He is very careful, gentle and kind. He loves his family, and he also loves to kiss. Sometimes he sleeps on his back, which means he’s very relaxed.

Take a look below in the article, we have some of the most adorable and funny photos of this giant ball of love:

Even though he just yawns, he just woke up, and still looks charming!

He is an internet star, but he also likes to help in the kitchen for the dinner.

With his clean appearance and sleek ties, he looks handsome.

The girl is just chilling with the famous Instagram star.

He looks so serious here, but the fluffy mane makes him very adorable.

His long fur is just out of control in windy weather.

Everybody would fall in love with Lotus’ cute smile!

Lotus’ wavy fur is the best protection against snowy days and freezing cold.


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