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This Parking Lot Is Turned Into A Safe Haven For The Homeless At Night

Homelessness is not a choice, but some times because of one or a couple of unfortunate moments and events like loss of a job, illness, debt, or being unable to find work because of a bad health condition, no or inadequate health care, and being unable to pay the mortgage or monthly rent.

Without anywhere to go, the streets and bushes become the best alternative for the homeless, thousands of them are sleeping whenever and wherever they find a place, always looking for food in the trash, and for the passing crowd they’re still invisible. Unfortunately, for the ones that can’t solve their problems quickly and can’t get out of this position faster, it gets worse from that point on.

Norman McGillvray, the founder of the non-profit Beddown organization came with a very bright idea while he was walking in an empty parking lot, and he thought that was the perfect space for a ‘pop-up’ shelter. With a lot of willing partners, collaborators and planning, Beddown was ready to give that bright idea a go.

The organization asked the largest car park operators and Secure Parking, and they have agreed to launch the 2 week trial in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The goal of Beddown was to use the places that are only used during the day, and they are empty at night, and turn them into a secure and safe shelter for the homeless throughout the night.

Lack of sleep is one condition numerous vagrants experience the ill effects of since they are always in danger of having the little they have being taken. Misery, diabetes, hypertension, memory misfortune are only a couple of the conditions because of living harsh. 

During the preliminary, Beddown gave extra administrations to the visitors, including specialists, medical attendants, dental specialists, and beauticians. They additionally gave social administrations, gave them new garments, and a spot to clean themselves. 

One Beddown Instagram post reported:

It was extraordinary to begin breathing life into the Beddown vision the previous evening with a gathering of our amazing volunteers for the Dry Run. Much obliged to you to our amazing gathering of volunteers who came in late on a Saturday night to help us preliminary and set-up certain beds. 

In spite of the fact that true to form we had a couple of difficulties to survive, it was marvelous to begin breathing life into Beddown. Beddown will give a quick reaction to the individuals who rest unpleasant to get to protected, secure haven and access to a comfortable bed and an incredible night’s rest. 

We will work with our other shared accomplices to give long haul answers for progress our visitors into convenience, instruction and business openings and at last put ourselves bankrupt (this is the vision).

A few of the countless comments from the ones that were part of the trial had to tell of their experience:

After spending a week here, having a routine and a good sleep, it reminded me of life, and I have already booked myself in Rehab for 6 months.

It is the first time I’ve had a dream in years!

Being able to sleep through the night, away from all the drugs, I’m a lot clearer in the day, and I haven’t used drugs for more than a week.

I don’t have to watch my back in here.


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