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This Photographer Captured A Rare Sight—Frozen Waves At Dream Lake, Colorado

Nature is very creative, alive, vibrant, and complex, therefore we can’t stop marveling its miracles. Each season is bringing a natural phenomena, and winter is sometimes the most magical one.

The cold weather in the winter is offering many challenges to the photographers, and the spectacular white blankets is the perfect opportunity to expand their photographic portfolios.

In the snow, even some familiar surroundings might look very unique from the right perspective, also the very usual and not very attractive landscapes can be turned in surreal and magical scenes.

Eric Gross, a Colorado native and landscape photographer, managed to capture some of the most amazing and remarkable phenomenon ever!

One morning he arrived at the Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, and he noticed many photographers around the place, therefore he went to find the best place to take pictures of the lake, and the landscape.

Netizens were amazed to discover a new natural miracle!

All of a sudden, he discovered a technique that quickly charmed the entire world:

While a significant part of the lake was just uneven, one little segment close to the shore really had what resembled frozen waves with sharp edges, hard bends, and soak sides. I was unable to clarify what I was seeing, so while attempting to envision how ‘frozen waves’ could happen, I began shooting. Furthermore, shooting, and shooting.

He shared the photographs with the ice waves in a lake that took after a pool of fluid metal on Instagram, and individuals were intrigued by them! 

Photographer Eric Gross took pictures of the very unique frozen waves at Dream Lake, Colorado

The ice wave wonder isn’t that uncommon, particularly in the Rocky Mountain National Park. 

The fabulous figures in the lake are not brought about by the waters freezing, yet the water begins to flip into a slush called frazil before it freezes into ice. 

Many accept that the wonder is brought about by the cooperative energy of water, chilly climate, and wind, while meteorologists keep up that they are an aftereffect of floating snow softening over the outside of the frozen lake and re-freezing into ice over the long haul. 

Eric says that forming photographs from ground level ‘uncovered that the dull ice waves show hallucinogenic impressions of the encompassing precipitous scene.’

Dazzled by his last visit, Eric returned again in March and took photographs of the lake and mountains, and when he posted them, they began standing out as truly newsworthy. 

Eric clarified his beginnings in photography: he began accomplishing copywriting telecommute in 2014, to sufficiently spare to see the sights across North America. He had ‘arbitrarily gotten two essential photography gigs and utilized the cash to purchase a fundamental DSLR camera pack.’

Eric described it as wind-swept waters frozen in time.

Eric included that as he began voyaging, he began figuring out how to utilize the camera, and when he began making lovely characteristic scenes the nation over, his ” whole outlook moved from making a trip for experience to going for normal scenes and photography.” 

Since he left New Jersey in 2014, Eric began carrying on with a daring life, that included living in four states, visiting every one of his family members and companions everywhere throughout the nation, visiting 30 national stops, and going through around 34 months living all through his 1997 Toyota Camry. 

In 2019, he even upgraded it into a bed and capacity place, called Campry. He said that the most testing piece of capturing the lake was the climate. 

He then continued: 

After that first bluebird February day gave me a picture I cherished, I realized I needed to return and attempt again with all the more arranging. I attempted to go for a nightfall shoot the next week, however this area, being at 9,905 feet in height, battered me with over 40mph snow coming straightforwardly at me down the valley, despite the fact that it was not snowing at the trailhead at 9,400 feet. 

I climbed the following morning, where once more, it was radiant at the trailhead, yet after the 1 mile excursion to the lake, it was awfully breezy with almost whiteout conditions to take any photos. On my fourth and fifth outings, I had the option to really utilize my camera.

He clarified that the exercise he gained from the experience was that one can’t design a frontal area for a picture, however he needs to stroll around to discover something intriguing. 

He climbed up to Dream Lake twice, however he carefully planned the trip the second time.

At the point when gotten some information about his arrangements, Eric said that as certain regions are covered due to the coronavirus spread, he plans to ” put my boots to the ground significantly more frequently, searching for the most intriguing closer views, rather than concentrating more on emotional mountain tops.” 

He managed to take the long desired photo, no matter the harsh weather and environment, and the lake starting to melt.

He has made his own list of prior images from all across North America, that he would love to retake in a lot more original and artistic way.

His goal remainsto show things that are seen by very few people, and also increase the appreciation of nature, through breathtaking imagery.

Here are some of his best pieces of work:


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