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This Robot Planter Follows The Sunlight & Throws Tantrums If You Don’t Water It

Houseplants have been a decoration of our interiors since the early Romans and Greeks started bringing their plants inside from the outdoors.

However, they are very beneficial as well, as all should be considering them a necessity rather than an object of decor.

Good health is always in style, and houseplants assist breathing, enhance memory, cleanse the air, boost healing, deter illness, treat sleep issues, improve mood, and much more.

Yet, our hectic and busy lifestyles leave very little time for us to fully dedicate to our home, therefore we sometimes forget to care for our indoor plants properly. Well, now things are a lot easier, with this amazing robot planter!

The HEXA Plant was made by Vincross’s founder Sun Tianqui, after he saw a dead sunflower at the flower expo. He knew that it might have been saved if it were just moved to the sunlight.

In a blog post, he explained:

The first thought of the venture originated from a dead sunflower. In 2014, I went to see a sunflower show and wound up concentrated on a dead sunflower close to a ground of blossoms. The dead blossom sat in a spot that was consistently in a shadow. 

I had no clue how it wound up there or why it passed on – regardless of whether it was a direct result of the absence of daylight or water – however it was simply there, and it was dead. I thought on the off chance that it could move a smidgen, go for a 30-feet stroll out of the shadow to where different sunflowers were, it would have lived strongly. In any case, it didn’t.

Therefore, he created a robot planter which is moving the plants according to whether the sun is in the home.

He also added:

“Plants are detached. Everlastingly, mysteriously latent. Regardless of in the event that they are being cut, chomped, consumed or pulled from the earth, or when they need daylight, water, or are excessively hot or cold, they will keep still and take anything that is transpiring. 

They have the least degrees of opportunity among every one of the animals in nature. This is basically the default setting that nature provides for plants.” 

This astonishing gadget will keep you replants alive by finding the sun, just as the shade when they have to chill off. The HEXA Plant will likewise turn so every leaf of the plant can absorb the beams. 

It will likewise pitch a temper fit by stepping around when your plants need watering. 

Your cultivating partner can likewise cooperate with you, awful on the off chance that you contact its base, it can turn around and even do an upbeat move in the radiant spots of your home. 

The robot has an assortment of “eyes,” including an infrared sensor, a separation sensor, and a 720p camera with night vision. In addition, it has a worked in WiFi just as different ports (USB) to grow its numerous abilities.

Right now it is only a user case, which means that it still isn’t available for purchase, but it is being used to present everything a HEXA robot can do.

For the ones interested in robotics, as the original HEXA can walk around your home, crawl up different surfaces and uses a camera with night vision to conquer every terrain, they can use it to code some new reactions to commands and new actions.


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