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This Zoo in China Puts Visitors in Cages and Lets Animals Roam Free

As a kid, I never enjoyed zoos or carnivals since I couldn’t comprehend what was so fun in viewing confined and imprisoned and humiliated creatures. But now, as a grown-up, I trust that creature imprisonment isn’t right, since different species have indistinguishable rights of living and the freedom just like us.

There’s been many discussions on the creature imprisonment recently, and it bodes well why – keeping wild animals in pens is cold-hearted, no doubt. Simply consider it, not just have we denied other living creatures of their common territories by destroying the earth, however we likewise set out to detain them for our very own beguilement.

It appears that a zoo in China has discovered an abnormal method to convey individuals closer to the untamed life without imprisoning these creatures.

The Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo lets enormous felines and other natural life species, for example, bears, meander indiscriminately and places guests in big cages. Thusly, individuals have the chance to get incredibly near the wild animals without the failure of seeing them caught in little enclosures, as in the most zoos of the world.

Zoo representative Chan Llang told the OddityCentral,

“We needed to give our guests the rush of being stalked and assaulted by the huge ‘kitties’ however with, obviously, none of the dangers.”

There are pieces of meat attached to the outside of moving cages with guests so as to draw in the creatures. In the meantime, inside these vehicles, the guests are shielded from being eaten. There are additionally little openings at the best, through which individuals can offer nourishment to the extraordinary brutes.

As per Chan Llang, every one of the guests are cautioned “to keep their fingers and hands inside the pen consistently in light of the fact that a ravenous tiger wouldn’t know the distinction among them and breakfast.”

Be that as it may, due to the amazing photographs of lions and tigers hopping onto the enclosures, the idea has effectively gotten some analysis from individuals who believe it’s too risky to even consider bringing the zoo guests so near the wild creatures. As indicated by The Daily Mail, a few people have portrayed this irregular park fascination as “a dangerous situation”.

In the meantime, the zoo gives off an impression of being very prevalent in spite of the considerable number of risks. Truth be told, when the Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo was opened in 2015, the tickets were sold out for three months. It appears that individuals truly like to see creatures uninhibitedly wandering their normal living spaces as opposed to being secured confines. 

“It’s in no way like I’ve at any point experienced in a zoo previously,” said guest Tao Jen. “We’re not seeing them, they’re taking a gander at us – and we’re lunch.”

What’s your opinion about this idea of a zoo? Would you ever go to visit it?


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