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Thyme Tea Destroys Strep Throat, Flu Virus, And Fights Respiratory Infections

Thyme is a fragrant plant which develops in bright and hot territories, and its therapeutic characteristics have been perceived for centuries. Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) has a horde of restorative properties, and it is really the most powerful one among therapeutic herbs.

It is stuffed with cancer prevention agents, nutrients, and minerals. Thyme leaves are loaded with vitamins A, C, E, and K, just as minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron.

Its high nutrient C levels support the resistant framework, and the various supplements offer different medical advantages, calm diseases, fix respiratory issues, ease stomach related bombshell, and considerably more.

Thyme oil is additionally an incredible recuperating fundamental oil, with solid antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Its primary segment, thymol, is a powerful cancer prevention agent. This fundamental oil offers anti-fungal and antibacterial properties and pulverizes strains of microbes, for example, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhimurium, and Klebsiella pneumoniae.

As indicated by Dr. Joseph Mercola:

“Thyme comes in excess of 300 assortments and chemotypes, or plants that seem comparative yet have distinctive synthetic creations. Contingent upon the chemotype, the oil may have a somewhat extraordinary compound structure that can affect its employments. The known chemotypes are, as per Prevent Disease:

Thymus vulgaris phenol 

These are thyme plants that develop in high heights and contain up to 90 percent of phenol mixes.

Thymus vulgaris p-cymene

This ought to be gotten inside spring or else it turns into an alternate chemotype.

Thymus vulgaris 1,8 cineole

This contains 80 to 90 percent cineole and has diuretic, anticatarrhal, expectorant, and pain relieving properties.

Thymus vulgaris geraniol

The geraniol chemotype has a lemon-like aroma and is developed in high heights. It is frequently picked amid fall.

Thymus vulgaris alpha-terpineol 

This sort is reaped amid the late-winter and has a pepper-like smell.

Thymus vulgaris thujanol

Discovered just in the wild, this plant contains 50 percent thujanol and is known for its useful impacts on the safe framework and hormones. It is regularly called “sweet thyme.

Thymus vulgaris carvacrol

As its name proposes, this sort contains the concoction constituent carvacrol. Its sum will rely upon when it is collected. At the point when gathered in the spring, it will contain 30 percent carvacrol and 60 to 80 percent when collected directly subsequent to blossoming or amid the fall. T. vulgaris carvacrol is known for its sterile properties.

Thymus vulgaris linalool 

This is the most delicate of all thyme chemotypes. Alluded to as “garden thyme,” this variety has intense antiparasitic and antifungal properties and is developed in high elevations.

Thymus vulgaris thymol

This chemotype has solid clean exercises and is 60 to 70 percent thymol. It passes by the name of “thyme” and “red thyme” and is reaped amid the fall.

Besides, thyme tea is a sound beverage that can be utilized as a characteristic cure in the treatment of different medical issues. It calms hacks and respiratory contaminations, improves rest, battles aggravation, lightens the indications of nourishment harming, and assuages a sore throat.

You should simply to include a teaspoon of dried thyme in a glass and pour bubbling water over it. Inlet the glass and leave to implant for 10 minutes. At that point, strain the tea, improve with nectar, and drink it a couple of times day by day.

You can likewise apply it to the skin to mitigate skin issues, or use it as a rinse to ease a sore throat.

Below you can read about the best health benefits this herb is able to provide:

Food Poisoning

Sustenance harming happens because of the ingestion of microscopic organisms or germs and prompts loose bowels, heaving, aggravation, and stomach issues. However, thyme tea battles these side effects and obliterates the microscopic organisms causing the disease.


Thyme demolishes form spores, and keeps their lamentable impacts, similar to asthma, lung contaminations, hypersensitivities, and blocked aviation routes.

You can make a hand crafted enemy of form splash, by including 25 drops of thyme oil to a 16-oz. shower bottle with white vinegar or 3% hydrogen peroxide. At that point, splash all over surfaces influenced by shape, leave to represent 20 minutes, and wipe with a clammy fabric.


Studies have demonstrated that thyme viably battles skin break out, by murdering off the Propionibacterium acnes strain of microscopic organisms, which likewise lead to whiteheads, pimples, pustules, and skin inflammation sores.

Plunge a cotton ball in thyme tea, and apply it on the skin break out. You can likewise blend this tea with tea tree oil and use it as a facial chemical to anticipate skin inflammation breakouts. Additionally, use thyme fundamental oil to treat skin inflammation breakouts, by including 10-12 drops of it for each 1 ounce (30 ml) of transporter oil, and apply to the influenced territory.


Thyme tea and thyme fundamental oil decrease pressure and calm uneasiness. This herb has an anxiolytic (uneasiness diminishing) impact. You should simply to put a couple of drops of thyme fundamental oil on a tissue and breathe in profoundly to calm nervousness and lower pressure.


Thyme tea is a characteristic cure against looseness of the bowels. It loosens up the muscles of the colon and keeps you hydrated. It additionally battles side effects of colitis, for example, loose bowels and stomach torment.

Strep Throat

To calm the sore throat because of a strep disease, swish with thyme tea. It has solid antimicrobial impacts that obliterate different Streptococcus strains of microbes, and other oral pathogens that lead to contaminations.

Thyme water likewise fixes tonsillitis and calms the throat. You can put a couple of drops of the basic oil in a diffuser, and breathe in the vapors, and hence assuage the side effects of a sore throat.


Thyme loosens up the respiratory framework and in this way restrains unfavorably susceptible responses.

This herb has antispasmodic properties which relieve the side effects of asthma, battle irritation in the aviation routes, help breathing, a location wheezing issues. You can either breathe in thyme fundamental oil straightforwardly from the container or in a diffuser, or you can drink thyme tea.

Flu & Cold

Thyme tea is an inconceivably amazing common cure in the treatment of respiratory diseases. It normally treats colds and this season’s cold virus and is compelling against multidrug-safe microscopic organisms.

Thyme stifles hacks, and since it is a characteristic expectorant, it separates bodily fluid and helps its end. You can likewise breathe in the smell of thyme basic oil and subsequently battle colds, respiratory, and influenza diseases.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Thyme tea can enable you to bring down circulatory strain, because of the high cell reinforcement content. Studies have demonstrated that it adequately brings down circulatory strain and pulse, just as LDL cholesterol, which has been connected to coronary illness.

Fungal & Yeast Infections

Thyme mixes thymol and carvacrol have fungicidal properties, so they obliterate parasitic pathogens that reason tuberculosis or other pneumonic contaminations, and the basic oil takes out the Candida albicans yeast that can taint the gastrointestinal tract.

On account of vaginal yeast diseases, absorb a tampon a blend of 3 drops of thyme oil and a tablespoon of condensed virgin coconut oil, and abandon it in the vagina for 60 minutes. Rehash day by day.


Thyme offers solid antibacterial, antispasmodic, and recuperating properties, which battle bronchial diseases.

An investigation found that thyme and primrose root drinks calmed bronchitis manifestations, separate bodily fluid, and alleviate the hacks. Drink a couple some warm thyme tea day by day to treat bronchitis, assuage a hack, and facilitate your relaxing.

Precautions when you start using Thyme

You can add thyme to different nourishments so as to improve their flavor, or drink thyme tea once a day.

Notwithstanding, you ought to stay away from this scrumptious herb on the off chance that you take blood thickening prescriptions, and quit taking it 2 weeks before medical procedure. In a few people, it can likewise cause hypersensitivities, and it can cause estrogen-like impact, so maintain a strategic distance from it on the off chance that you are in danger of hormone-touchy conditions like ovarian malignant growth, uterine disease, bosom malignancy, or endometriosis.

Dr. Mercola gives point by point guidelines on the best way to develop you won thyme plant at home and receive its incalculable rewards:

” Thyme is anything but difficult to develop, and utilizing astounding leaves reaped from your very own lawn will guarantee that you get the best taste while maintaining a strategic distance from potential poisons that originate from financially made tea.

Begin by planting thyme in a region with a lot of sun introduction and well-depleting, dry and abrasive soil.11 If you plant a root, the subsequent gather can duplicate very rapidly so ensure it doesn’t congest different plants in your patio nursery. Seeds are additionally a suitable method for planting thyme.

On the off chance that you live in northern planting zones that are especially brutal on plants, spread your thyme plants with evergreen limbs to enable them to return in the spring.12

Reaping thyme is straightforward, particularly when you adhere to these directions:

– When the plants start to blossom, essentially cut the finish half off the branches and balance them in a dim, dry spot. You may likewise put them on preparing sheets and into the stove or a nourishment dehydrator to accelerate the procedure.

– Once the blossoms wind up dry, peel the leaves off and store them in a dim corner until they’re prepared to be utilized.”


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