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To Find A True Friend, You Need To Be One Yourself

The best and easiest way to find a good and true friend, is to be one yourself.

But, before we dive a little deeper into what type of friend you might choose to be, let’s make clear that deep, long lasting, and honest friendships don’t happen overnight. And they require emotional investment and a lot of patience.

Therefore, if you find yourself a bit lonely, the best advice would be to work towards being the type friend you’ve always wanted to have.

Be the type of friend who’s calling when you are thinking on them, or the one that is buying gifts only to put a smile on their face. Be that friend who texts them when you notice that it has been a while since you’ve talked the last time, and say things such as ‘let’s hang out and catch up, and i Miss you’.

Be that person that asks their friend how they’re doing and then attentively listens to them because the answer really matters to you. Be that friend who never breaks promises, and doesn’t disappear when they need you the most.

Be the friend that is showing her or his feelings, showers them with attention and hugs, and doesn’t hesitate to say ‘I love you’.

Be that type of friend that tends to their needs when they are not feeling well. Also be the one that encourages them not to give up and pursue their dreams.

Be the one that doesn’t abandon them regardless of the trouble of their circumstance. Be the friend who never leaves them to deal with troublesome occasions all alone. Be the one they realize they can generally depend on for unlimited help. 

Be the sort of friend who sets aside a few minutes for them paying little mind to your bustling calendar. Be the person who appreciates investing energy with them. 

Be the friend who celebrates their achievements with them, as you’re the biggest fan they have.

Be the sort of friend that never leaves regardless of how tough occasions may get. Regardless of whether the circumstance appears to be sad or your friend is simply driving you up the wall, be the kind of friend that stays on the boat. 

Be the friend that opens up about the things that are pulling you down as opposed to pulling back. A friend that will battle for friendship as though everything is dependant on it. 

Since these are the things genuine friend do. 

They battle for their friendships with all they have and don’t surrender except if all prospects are exhausted. 

Real Friends are selfless, honest, loving without expecting anything in return!

Real friends are the people who give more than they receive. They are always there when someone needs them. They love their friends with each fiver of their being, and they are holding on to them with a very tight grip. And they’re fully aware of the priceless value of friendship.


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