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To Lose Some Weight Quickly – Consume This Fruit Before Going To Sleep

You might have already heard of this trick, but chewing your food for about 15-20 times before swallowing it can help a lot in the case of losing weight, which means you are tricking your stomach by eating your food slowly.

This way your body and your mind can feel and taste the food properly, instead of just throwing food in your throat, and then feeling like you are over filled.

So for that reason, this is the fruit that you might want to consume. That very helpful and beneficial fruit is the cherries.

As much as you would like to eat them all at once, you can’t. Because there is a seed inside it, you should spit out, and by spitting it out you are delaying the time for consuming the next one. When you are eating cherries, you are forced to eat slowly, allowing your satiety sensors to alarm you when you should stop eating.

There is also another reason why the cherries are so beneficial, because cherries have the lowest glycemic index from any other fruit. They also have the lowest glycemic index out of all carbohydrates that can be found at the time.

The rates are incredibly low, – 22 which means you can have the cherries as a snack even in the evening, because they almost have no effect on the insulin levels. So, eating in the evening hours is not a big problem as eating the wrong food, the types of food that causes the fat levels to rise.

So, the next time you want to have an evening snack or throughout the day, grab a cup of cherries and enjoy their countless benefits. Cherries have the ability to elevate the energy levels, and they can improve the mood as well, and as we also mentioned they can help you lose some weight.

Besides that the cherries have very low amount of calories, they also don’t contain any fat, and they have a high percentage of water. According to many researches, the increased intake of water in  the organism can help you lose weight. Therefore it would be wise to consume some fruits that have a lot of water in them.

The cherries are also rich in potassium, and a little bit of sodium. This is also supporting the secretion of excessive fluids from the body, they are also rich in fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, antioxidants that are slowing the aging process, and some other minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron.

Each cherry has 4 calories, and in one cup you have about 90 calories, it contains the equal amount of proteins and carbohydrates, and it doesn’t contain fat at all.

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