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Tone Your Belly, Butt, & Thighs at Home

Stop preforming exercises that are affecting a single muscle group, because they are a waste of time. There is a new circuit plan from a certified trainer and fitness expert Jessica Smith, that helps you build muscle and burn huge amounts of fa at the same time. It affects your legs, butt and abs, all in one moment. No gym equipment is needed to preform the exercise.

Workout Details:
During the circuit do 15 repetitions of every single exercise, with a few seconds to rest or not at all. After you have finished the circuit don’t quit, do the entire circuit again, and once more, so in total you should preform it 3 times.

Rear Raise & Hip Circle

Clasp your hands behind your head, stand on your left foot, then lift and extend your right foot behind as higher as possible without your upper body leaning forward. Contract your abs as much as you can and bend your right knee and then bring it in front of you. Make a big circle with your knee clockwise (from right to left), and remain still with your upper body.

Then extend your right leg behind, and make sure you don’t touch the floor, you can also tap your foot a little bit on the floor in order to maintain balance. Do 15 reps with each leg.

Side Lunge Side Crunch

Put your hands behind your heat, keep your feet together and step widely towards your left side with your left leg. You should form a side lunge but make sure the other leg is completely straight. Push hard through your heel to get back in the starting position, by bending your left knee as it passes in front of you, and keep your left heel facing the ceiling, and make sure not to touch the ground.

Make a side crunch as you are crossing your leg in front of you, by lowering your right shoulder towards your right hip. Then do 15 reps on each side.

Plank Heel Push

Go down in a plank position, make sure your shoulders are aligned with your elbows and you form a straight line with your body. Contract your Abs in order to brace your core, like someone is about to punch you in that area.

Bend your right leg, like you want to touch your back with the heel. Press through your knees and thighs together. Point your right heel to the ceiling, and lift your right knee off the floor of course, and you should lift it a few inches above the other one. Then bring both knees together but the one is still bent. Do 15 reps with both legs separately.

Cross Leg Sit-Up

Sit down on the ground and reach with your arms in front of your chest, by keeping your leg extended, and make sure that your palms are faced in. Cross the left leg over the right one, and make sure that the toes should be pointing outside. Contract your abs and form a 45 degree angle with your body.

Reach with your arms towards your left thigh, and also lift your left leg as you are sitting up. Untwist and then lower the leg, go in the starting position. Do 15 reps with each leg.

Tabletop Hip Dip

Sit down, flex your feet and keep them hip-width apart. Then put your hands exactly behind your hips, and all of your fingers pointing towards inside. Then push through your muscles in order to form a tabletop body position.

Twist your hips towards the left and lower them, then try pressing back up to the tabletop. Squeeze through your hips and glutes. Also make sure that you are using your glutes and hips, that the movement is not preformed by your lower back. Do 15 reps of the exercise

Scissors Cross Crunch

Lay down with the hands behind your head and raise your legs in the air in order to form a 90 degree angle. Then place both legs like in a straddle position, then let your legs spread as wide as possible.

If you want to keep your legs together you must use your inner thigh muscles. As you are crossing the left leg over the other one, make sure that you take off your shoulders and head off the ground too. Do 15 reps of the exercise, 15 crosses on one side 15 on the other one.

Side Plank Rainbow

Go down in a side plank and hold the entire body weight with your left  elbow and your forearm. Put your right hand behind your neck. Contract your ab muscles as if you are about to get punched in that area.

With the top of your right foot pointing upside you will be able to bring it more than your hip level. Make a rainbow with that foot, then raise it and lower it to the ground. Do 15 reps of the exercise on both sides.

Rear Lunge Cross Crunch

Stand tall with both feet together, and place your hands behind your head of course. Step with your left leg back in order to make a rear lunge, by twisting your upper body. Then Bring your left ribs over the right hip and go back in the starting position. Do 15 reps of the exercise.


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