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Top 5 Exercises Every Woman Must Do For Her Dream Body

The next time you visit the gym, notice the difference between the exercises that men and women preform. Usually women are focused on cardio exercises, while the men are lifting weights. There are some people who think that women don’t lift weights, well they should. Because focusing only on the cardio exercises, even though they are very beneficial, and not lifting weights can throw you out of balance in the fitness regimen you are on.

The training with weights, is the major key to transforming your body, also these exercises are the ones that make you lose a lot of body fat. We will tell you a few exercises below that you should start doing, if you are willing to tighten, tone, and build some muscles, and of course burn fat accumulations.

1. Split Squat

Grab a dumbbell in each hand, and stand in front of a bench, or something that has the same height as a bench. Then bring your left leg up on the bench, so that your toes are resting on it, while the right leg remains on the ground.

Make sure you keep your back and torso straight, then bend your right leg slowly in order to go down. Be careful not to bend your right leg over your toes, and in case you do, bring that leg a little bit forward. As you go down to the ground, your left knee will start to bend towards the ground. Before the knee touches the floor, press through your quads and glutes to bring yourself back up. Make at least 15 reps in one set, and do at least 3 sets.

2. One – Arm Rows

If you want to have toned shoulder and back muscles, and look naturally leaner and longer, preform this exercise. With this exercise you will improve your body posture and target your shoulder and bicep muscles. Grab a dumbbell in your left hand, and make sure your palm is faced towards your body. Take a big step forward with your right leg, in a lunge position.

Bend your right knee and make sure to keep the leg straight behind. You can of course rest your elbow on your right knee, and then straighten your back. Then make sure your upper body is very steady and bring the dumbbell towards your armpit, keep your stomach tight. Then go down very slowly, until your left arm is completely straight. Do 15 repetitions at least, 3 sets on both sides.

3. Chest Press

Women have a weak upper body pushing mechanics if you compare it to the men’s upper body pushing mechanics. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and lay down on an exercising bench, keep your feet on the floor and your knees bent. Then push to lift the dumbbells above your chest, and make sure they touch.

Bring your shoulders down, as far away as possible from your ears. Then bend your elbows and open both of your hands, make sure that the forearms are perpendicular to the ground. The elbows should be below shoulder level at that point, and you should form a 45 defree angle with your arms opened. Press back to bring the dumbbells back again.

4. Ball Rollout

Try this exercise with a Swiss ball if you want to improve your stabilization and strength. Go down on your knees, put the ball on the ground and place your forearms on it. Place the ball far from you, enough for your knees, hips and shoulders are perfectly aligned.

Then start very slowly to roll your elbows on the ball forward, and go back to the position you started in. Once you see what the movement does to you, and you get the hang of it, preform the exercise without your knees on the ground.

5. Stiff – Legged Deadlift

You can boost the fat burning process and your metabolism at the same time by preforming exercises for your lower body. Try to focus on much larger muscle groups, such as hamstrings, those exercises burn far more calories than any other exercise and they require a lot of energy as well. With this exercise that we will show you below, you will isolate your hamstrings so good that you will need to preform it once on weekly basis. Stand in front of a barbell on the floor. Stand with your feet wide apart and forming a 45 degree angle with them. Bend at the hips and with your shoulder-width grip, grasp the bar.

Make sure you keep your back straight, then bend your knees a little, in order to bring the bar closer to your shins. As you bring the bar up, extend your hips, tighten the hamstrings, and straighten your legs slowly. Once you are in the position where you have the bar in front of your thighs and your body is upright, lower the bar down. Do 10 repetitions, and gradually increase the weight.


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