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Transform Your Body in Just 4 Weeks With These Five Simple Exercises

These days people are more aware than ever about their bodies, and it is a good thing that they have started to take care of the way their bodies look.

Some people have dedicated themselves to the fancy gym equipment and miracle supplements, while others have dedicated themselves to an easier way, a healthy diet and a lot of exercising, and you may guess who’s doing better.

Being physically active and having a healthy diet makes you a lot happier, because what can be better than a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits, right?

That is why we will present you these 5 exercises, that you can practice along with your healthy diet. The positive effects will be visible in only one month, you will not lose weight a lot, but surely you will get closer and closer every day to your desired and long dreamed body.

1. Push-Ups

During the push-up exercise, you will be pushing your body up and each body muscle will be included in this exercise. Go down in a plank position, and use your hands to push your body upwards. Make sure your legs, your butt and your back are in a totally flat line. Do as much repetitions as you can handle.

2. Plank

This exercise is also very effective and yet so simple to preform. Doing this exercise will give you those tough shoulders and shredded abs you have always dreamed of. You should also go in the push-up position but this time you will hold yourself on the elbows.

Your body should be totally straight, and you should support your body weight with your forearms, forefeet, and your elbows of course. Hold that body position for a few minutes, also make sure your body is totally straight the entire time.

3. Bird-dog

GO down in a plank position, but you should stand on your knees and your hands. Then stretch one of your hands in front of you, and your opposite leg backwards. Balance your body and make sure it is completely straight, especially your back. Hold that body position for a couple of seconds, then you may switch and do it with the opposite hand and leg. With this exercise you will be able to strengthen and tone your abs and lower back.

4. Squats

With this exercise you will stimulate the fat burning process, strengthen your calves, your hams and strong quads, as well as your core.

You should start in a standing position, feet shoulder-width apart and your hands should be stretched in front of you. Start the exercise but slowly. Also while doing the exercise make sure you face forward all the time, and keep your spine totally straight. Make sure as you do the exercise, your hips to be parallel to the floor, but do not try too hard if you cannot do it totally correct.

5. Lying Hip Raises

With this exercise you will be able to strengthen your abs, back, thighs and glute muscles. Lay down on the floor, completely flat and bend your knees to form a 45 degree angle. Then squeeze through the glute muscles, in order to push your hips upwards. Do a couple of repetitions.

Make sure you also give this 4 week exercising plan a try!

This plan is very good and effective, and it is made only of 2 basic workouts that are different:

First Workout

  • 1 minute plank
  • 1 minute push-ups
  • 2 minutes squats
  • 1 minute bird-dog
  • 1 minute lying hip raises
  • 1 minute plan
  • 1 minute push-ups
  • 2 minutes squats

Note: Between each exercise, make a 10 second break.

Second Workout

  • 3 minutes plan
  • 3 minutes bird-dog
  • 3 minutes lying hip raises
  • 1 minute push-ups

Note: Between each exercise, make a 15 second break.

It is highly important that you should rest yourself for an entire day, because of the 6 day workout plan.

First Week

  • Day 1 – First Workout
  • Day 2 – Second Workout
  • Day 3 – First Workout
  • Day 4 – Second Workout
  • Day 5 – First Workout
  • Day 6 – Second Workout
  • Day 7 – Rest

Second Week

  • Day 1 – Second Workout
  • Day 2 – First Workout
  • Day 3 – Second Workout
  • Day 4 – First Workout
  • Day 5 – Second Workout
  • Day 6 – First Workout
  • Day 7 – Rest

Then when you’ve finished both weeks, you should do another two weeks.

With this workout plan you will achieve a tight and strong body, and you will feel happier and healthier than ever before. Give the plan a try, see how it works on you, it is free.

With this workout plan, you will not only achieve an amazing body, but also you will improve your energy and health levels!


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