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Two Guys In Mexico Just Created Vegan Leather From Cactus

People are starting to understand the damage that we’ve done to our own Planet, and are increasingly turning to some new, a lot more environment-friendly alternatives to everyday items.

Many groups that fight for some animal rights also want to stop the use of fur and leather, and a lot of other projects and campaigns have ended up with success.

The invention of two very young entrepreneurs from Mexico, may contribute to this very cause, as they’ve created an alternative. A biodegradable material to replace anything from plastic to building materials, and all in between.

Their vegan material can be used instead of leather in automotive industries, furniture, leather goods and leather in fashion.

Marte Cázarez and Adrián López recently launched Desserto, which is an organic leather from the nopal (or prickly-pear) cactus. The goal of these two young entrepreneurs was to create a cruelty-free and sustainable alternative to animal leather.

Desserto is partially biodegradable, and meets all of the technical specifications that are required by the industry.

It is durable for at least a decade, it’s flexible, environmentally friendly, and breathable alternative to synthetic materials and animal leather.

Speaking of the reason behind the use of the nopal cactus for their idea, the creators of the cactus vegan leather stated that this plant doesn’t require much care and water to grow, and there are a lot of nopals that are available in the Mexican Republic.

López Velarde added:

Following two years of innovative work, we figured out how to create an appropriate material that conforms to the highlights and specialized/mechanical details required by those ventures that utilization animal or synthetic leather. 

Likewise, because of its natural creation, it is breathable, which makes desert plant or nopal vegan leather like animal leather.

When asked to describe Desserto, Velarde reported:

Desserto is an exceptionally economical material, and its ecological impression isn’t as large as animal leather. There is no escalated utilization of water and it is free of phthalates, harmful synthetic concoctions, and PVC. 

Likewise, its adaptability may bring about creation reserve funds since it supports the efficiency of the generation lines utilizing it, and it is additionally a material offering contact and delicate quality that is fundamentally the same as animal leather.

He continued:

The positive effect on the condition that our materials can have whenever fused into significant generation lines of the various businesses referenced before may bring about a 32 to 42 percent decrease in plastic waste, contingent upon the rendition of our materials that is consolidated, and around 20 percent reserve funds in water utilization. 

Right now, the volume utilized by the design business alone is gigantic, very nearly 79 billion cubic meters, which is sufficient to fill just about 32 million Olympic-size pools. 

On the off chance that you evaluate the incentive for the world economy of the extra 39 billion cubic meters expected to be utilized every year by 2030, the outcome is 32 billion euro in question yearly. This is the potential advantage for the world economy if the design business can discover approaches to anticipate water utilization from expanding further.

This vegan leather was presented at the International Leather Fair Pineapelle in Milan, Italy, and the creators of it are already working with some major groups in different industries for some potential applications.

Other brands have been producing vegan leather materials from plants such as pineapples and olives.

For example Hugo Boss debuted vegan sneakers that are made from pineapple leather, and fashion retailer H&M, have made a vegan jacked from pineapple leather.

Also the German footwear brand Thies have launched a line of shoes that are made from olive leather.


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