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Use This Japanese Morning Diet to Shed Some Pounds Easy and Fast

Hitoshi Watanabe revealed in his book “The morning banana diet” his morning banana regimen, and this regimen became famous everywhere in the world.

It is very simple and it can easily help you with the weight losing process. There aren’t any required changes in your diet, you only need to have one habit, eat a few bananas when you get up and drink plenty of water.

This regimen by Sumiko, who is the wife of Hitoshi Watanabe, she is a pharmacist and she was the one that helped her husband to lose weight with this diet. Afterwards this experience was written in a book.

The regimen is very simple, you only need to consume a single banana on an empty stomach, right when you get up, and then drink a glass of water on a room temperature, that way you will stimulate your metabolism. Then for lunch you can have anything you like to eat.

There is a lot of resistant starch contained in the bananas, which is the main reason why they are supportive in the process of losing weight. It is going in our larger intestine, right when the process of fermentation starts, therefore it is made in fatty acids by the healthy bacteria. From there it is able to improve our gastrointestinal tract and feed the cells, as well as boost our metabolism.

The bananas are a rich source of potassium and fiber, they contain a lot of other nutrients which have the ability to boost your overall health as well. They create a feeling of satiety, therefore reducing cellulite by preventing from food cravings.

While you are on this regimen you can have as much bananas as you can, but if you want to provide the most effects, go by the rule 80/20, which is a Japanese rule that tells you to consume only 80% of your meal.

And then you should make a pause of 20 minutes after you have consumed the banana. Avoid the consumption of alcohol and milk, then make sure you are at dinner before 8 p.m, the best time to have your dinner meal is at 7 p.m, throughout the rest of the day you can eat and drink anything you want.

Also this regimen need to limit the intake of dairy, mindfulness and journaling, as well as a lot of water, that will be your main drink through the entire day.

You will boost your metabolism and control the levels of blood sugar with this imple regimen, and it will also keep you energized.

People who have some dietary restrictions or vegetarians, will love this regimen. You will learn what it means to be healthy with this regimen, and you will also lose a lot of weight.

It will prevent from calorie intake and it will make you eat less than usual. The most important thing about this regimen is that it prevents you from eating late at night, which is the main reason for gaining excess fat. One of the most amazing improvements will be provided if you stop eating your meal at 80%.

This regimen or diet will provide you some long term health benefits and it will help you lose a lot of weight, even without a dietary plan. So, give this regimen a try, it is delicious and it will also amaze you!


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