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VIDEO: Paramedic Moved To Tears After Neighbors Applauded As She Went To Work

During the very challenging dark times, being determined, strong, and willing to make a big sacrifice for the good of others, deserves a lot of praise.

In Basingstoke, Hampshire, the neighbors of a paramedic were outside applauding her, encouraging here to keep on with the fight with the terrifying Covid-19 virus, which is spreading horror and panic all across the globe.

As the paramedic was leaving her home, to go to work at the Basingstoke and North Hampshire hospital, Tayla Porter has also found a box of Cadbury’s Miniature Heroes, and a homemade cake, on the roof of her own car.

In the video, the woman can be seen being very touched by the gesture of the kind neighbors.

This 22-year old emergency care assistant, couldn’t hide her emotions and tears, as she watchet the whole thing together with her 55 year old mom Ali, 55 year old dad Phil, and her 21 year old sister Tash.

It was all organized after a few locals have posted about the #clapforcarers national round, of applause to thank the hero NHS workers on a village forum.

Her mom at that point referenced that her legend girl would leave for work from 4 pm as well, however the family didn’t expect that the whole neighborhood would come. 

Ali reported: 

It was overpowering for us all. Tayla just could barely handle it. She was unable to accept that individuals would even notification what she’s doing. She simply cherishes her activity. It was so enthusiastic, I could scarcely talk. It was simply overpowering pride.

The post of this event has gone viral, and has thousands of shares and views.[0]=AZWlM0BqhcVTHs8wWOa13huMM9-vKYHEiwttW4afwE1q6uw4V2wxcoGDaNZbT3tuNrRCw56EDlMoVSm1MSWIY5xNKPJtXlXSaQocJs04vyyN4dDjPqM2iRcXqdmOqiVIMxvXTbVJhShVmwc6fdoRQEjt&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Ali also added:

It has been very overwhelming. It is amazing how everybody has come together. I feel like our village is coming closer together. You’ve got more time for the people, and you appreciate them a lot more. It is bringing you closer.


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