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Volunteers All Over The World Are Taking The Elderly On Rickshaw Rides Out in Nature

One of the biggest projects of today is Cycling Without Age. Back in 2012, Ole Kassow started a movement in Denmark. Everything started with a simple idea of helping elderly people to use bikes again.

But, age is a terrible thing, and as we grow older our movements are becoming more and more restricted. Ole found a solution to those limits, and he improved the mobility of elderly people once more. He came up with the idea of using a trishaw. This was the piece that was needed for this project, and Ole started using one to give free bike rides to elderly people in the local nursing homes.

Now, the idea is developed into Cycling Without Age movement, and more than 38 countries are supporting it!

Nature is Heaven on Earth

Numerous elderly can’t go for a walk in nature, and cycling is never an alternative. Loved ones take elderly in nature with a vehicle or simply sit in restaurants. Cycling Without Age offers elderly people a chance to enjoy nature. Taking a ride in nature is such a liberating background.

Volunteers from all aspects of the world take elderly in nature. This venture carries advantages to the two sides, and everybody gets the opportunity to enjoy nature.

Dutch Marian and numerous different volunteers used to take their folks out on a bicycle, and they continue doing likewise with other individuals.

It’s simple and Freeing

There are slight contrasts in every nation, except the procedure depends on similar standards. Volunteers sign up to be prepared by a ‘pilot.’ They figure out how to deal with “a stacked rickshaw.” Riding a bicycle with an individual in the rickshaw is more troublesome than riding your normal bicycle.

Volunteers ride void rickshaws and after that convey the pilot in it. The main traveler bounces on board under the direction of a pilot.

Volunteers can go for old for a stroll as frequently as they like. The arrangements are set aside a few minutes or they simply go to a consideration home and approach in the event that somebody is intrigued for a ride in nature.

The advantages of Cycling Without Age are offered in 1,100 section areas over the world. There are 1,500 trishaws and 10,000 pilots to give most extreme advantages to everyone.

This project is the best one so far, that was ever made to help and support the elderly. They are usually left in care homes, and many of their relatives forget about them. But luckily, this movement that started from a simple idea, is making these people happy, and even if it’s the tiniest bit, they still have that little hope in them.

Would you take a part of this movement? It is definitely wonderful to make someone smile, without doing much for them. Old people also need love and attention in this cruel world, and the people from this movement are giving everything they need to them.


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