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What Does The Shape of Your Thumb Reveal About Your Personality?

It’s been said that physical highlights of our body line up with our personality.

As weird as this sounds, our body’s physical parts, especially our thumbs, can really disclose to us a great deal about our identity – both bad and good!

Humans have five different thumb types, which are all different in size and shape.

So, Which One is Yours and What Does It Say about You?

1. A Type – Lower Half Shorter than Upper Half

You aim for the stars! You’re goal-oriented and are continually making progress toward the best. You’re very objective driven, and your will to succeed is very powerful. In any case, while having goals is incredible, you can obsess over attempting to accomplish them, and you can tend to exceed.

Tip: As Deepak Chopra says, “Clutching anything resembles holding your breath. You will choke.” You’ll perform better on the off chance that you cut the passionate, mental and neurological line among you and what you’re attempting to accomplish.

2. B Type – Upper Half Shorter than Lower Half

You are unassuming and appreciate the simplest of things that life brings to the table. You discover harmony and happiness in things that others may discover unremarkable. Be that as it may, you are frequently thought to be an over-scholar, and due to your propensity to put together your choices with respect to rationale, you are probably going to keep yourself down with regards to beginning to look all starry eyed at. Accordingly, you could pass up some awesome chances to locate a potential life partner.

Tip: People who base their choices on rationale, comprehend that just ‘cherishing somebody’ isn’t enough to support a relationship. Rather than having that outlook, approach every individual or relationship as an opportunity to have fun and become and enjoy with the other individual. Appreciate the adventure and don’t take things very seriously.

3. C Type – Same Size of Both Halves

You simply want balance. The Yin and Yang hypothesis drives you! Along hardships, you generally attempt to locate the best out of things. You accomplish your objectives by an equivalent measure of logic and the common capacity to do as such. Be that as it may, you are additionally an organizer and do nearly everything in an arranged way. Thus, you tend to overthink on most of the problems, placing barricades in your way.

Tip: Planning can be tiring. Not having the need to plan every single thing, you will enable yourself to develop and prosper in a lot more open, energizing, and astonishing ways.

4. D Type – Flexible Thumb

Your mind is open. You’re great at adjusting to various circumstances. You’re a survivor, and when life suddenly changes, you transform with it. You are available to new data and can alter your assessments dependent on new certainties. In any case, on the off chance that your thumb is excessively flexible, at that point it might imply that you are naive and others may easily take advantage of you.

Tip: If individuals don’t have the foggiest idea how you feel, they’ll never modify how they treat you. Being an adaptable individual is extraordinary, however for manipulative kinds, you’re a huge target. There is nothing bad or wrong with moving with the punches, yet you have to get loud and clear about how you feel.

5. E Type – Set Thumbs

You generally keep your oath and never break the promises you made. You are keeping things straight, and you are the type of individual that other ones can trust. Your loyalty is simply splendid, and you are sure about the choices you make. Sometimes you can be very stubborn, and not willing to adapt to the changes.

Tip: New things aren’t really terrible things. Regardless of what you look like at it, changes improve our lives. You can fundamentally improve your ability to adapt by figuring out how to think big. Leap forward the impediments you’ve set for yourself, let go, and grow your points of view.


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