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When Should You Drink A Glass Of Warm Water And When You Should Drink A Cold One?

Various health issues or problems can be treated only with the consumption of water, you only need to know the right temperature for that issue.

When we say cold water, we mean a little bit colder than the one on room temperature, and hot water is the one that is a few degrees hotter than the one on room temperature. Don’t drink too cold or too hot water, because icy water or boiling hot water will not provide any benefits for your body.

When Should You Drink Cold Water?

1. During Workouts

When you are physically active your body temperature rises. When you start to sweat, your body is cooling itself down, because that is its cooling system. In that case you lose a lot of liquids which are needed and you need to supply your body with more of them. So, during workouts it would be wise to consume cold water to hydrate the body. But don’t drink icy water because it will not provide any benefits for your body.

2. When You Have a Fever

When you are dealing with a fever, your body needs to cool down, so the best way to do it is to drink cold water. Drink plenty of liquids, that way you will support the body to fight against bacteria and inflammations. You can even add a little bit of sea salt and lemon into the water, that way you will supply your body with new electrolytes.

3. When Losing Weight

If you are trying to lose some weight, the cold water is the right thing to drink. It is speeding up the metabolism and helps your to burn 70 calories more every day. Only with the water consumption you cannot lose weight, but it is important to consume at least 8 glasses of water during the day, because that amount of water is equal to a 15 minute walk.

When Should You Drink Warm Water?

1. In Case of Digestive Issues

Drinking warm water in the morning can help you support your digestive system, and improve its function during the entire day. After a meal it is highly recommended to have a glass of warm water. And if you drink a glass of cold water, your organism will find it hard to absorb the nutrients from the food.

2. For Detoxification

If you want to detox your organism from the toxins and waste material that has accumulated, then we recommend you to start your day with a glass of warm water. The effect will be even better if you add a few lemon drops inside it. Besides the lemon, you can also add cinnamon, apples, mint and cucumbers. These ingredients are also very helpful for detoxification.

3. To Relieve from a Headache

If you have a headache or an inflammation then drink a glass of warm water. That will boost the circulation and relieve from the pain. Many women are suffering from chronic menstrual cramps, with warm water they can be soothed.

Drinking warm water every morning can provide thousands of benefits for your body, and here are some of them below:

1. Supports the Digestive System

One glass of warm water is enough to cleanse your body from the waste and toxins that were accumulated. The warm water helps the digestive system to break down the foods we consume. Consuming cold water during a meal or after it, can only make the fat even thicker, therefore causing serious problems and it can also accumulate. So it is wise to consume warm water after a meal, that way you will support the digestive functions.

2. Helps in Case of Constipation

The stomach cramps and constipation mostly occur because we are not drinking enough water. One glass of warm water in the morning is enough to help your digestive system, and solve this type of problem very quickly. That way your body will function normally.

3. Soothes Pain

It is considered that the most powerful natural cure, is the warm water and that it is even able to soothe menstrual pain. The warmth relaxes the muscles and soothes the cramps.

4. Helps in Case of Weight Loss

If you have ever been on a diet than surely you’ve heard that the warm water can be one of your greatest allies. The warm water is increasing the body temperature and speeds up the metabolism, therefore boosting the process of burning calories as well.

5. Improves the Circulation

Since the warm water is helping you to relieve from the toxins and waste that was accumulated, therefore it is improving and boosting the blood circulation as well.

6. Slows down the Aging Process

Premature aging is one of the biggest fears of every human in this world, but we are in luck because the warm water can help us even with this. The presence of toxins is speeding up this process, but the water is slowing it down because it is cleansing us from the toxins. The warm water is also improving the elasticity of our skin.

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