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When The Right Person Hugs You

Life is very beautiful, but also it is very complex. It is rich in moments of love, victory, joy and success, but also there are some filled with problems, failures, defeat and sorrow. The challenge is to face all of this with perseverance, patience and courage.

It is said that even in the darkest moments, with the right people by your side, you can succeed. The benefits of supportive relationships are varied and many.

Everyone should be grateful for the loving relationships that provide an essential source of guidance and support, and also contribute to a rewarding and happy life.

These bonds we develop and nurture, with the loved ones we have, can provide a home base from which we can go out in the world, with a lot of confidence and also return to a very caring environment.

When you have the right person to hug you, it’s like medicine. Im very grateful for the people in my life, who are good for my soul. – Steve Maraboli.


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