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Why Marriages Don’t Work Nowadays

Wedding Photographers Reveal the Top 8 Tell-Tale Signs a Couple Will Get Divorced

I have been in two weddings that have ended in divorce, and one ended in divorce just about a month after the couple returned from honeymoon, while the other one barely made it to the year anniversary. What’s ironic is, that it was the same wedding photographer at both of the weddings.

It had me thinking like, how many photographers get hired to shoot at the happiest day of a couple’s life and then later find out that the happily ever after, was not so happy after all.

It turns out, they see it happen a lot that they have identified some key signs which indicate a couple will not make it far – and these signs are showing up as early as the engagement photo shooting, and sometimes even on the wedding day.

Photographers sometimes have to make the photos look happy, because people need to see the happiness of the moment, however onetime a photographer had to photoshop a smile on the groom’s face.

However, the AskReddit thread is filled with juicy gossip, wedding planners, photographers and many other spill out some secrets that spell out divorce, together with some stories which you won’t believe.

1. The Silent Partner

Both the groom and the bride should be ecstatic on the wedding day. Because this is the most important day of their lives. So, when one of them is silent and does not show any emotions, that might be indicating trouble.

Compulsive-Gremlin an ex photographer, described a wedding where the bride was very chatty and overly excited.

While on the other hand, the groom barely said a word to anybody for the entire ceremony. The marriage ended about a year after they got married.

2. Arguing in Iceland

In the event that the couple is contending through their commitment photographs and before their picture taker, odds are they won’t make it. Reddit client Aeonasphere shared a tale about a couple who flew right to Iceland for a sentimental photoshoot. 

The majority of our arrangements fall through in light of the fact that they begin contending, – the picture taker dished. Before a delightful, single icy mass. For two hours. Long story short, the couple split one month before the wedding. 

3. Cake Cutting

The manner in which the cake cutting unfurls can educate a great deal concerning a couple and how their affection will hold up after some time. 

Now and then one of them (for the most part the husband to be) will drive cake everywhere throughout the others confront and humiliate and upset them, – photographer MorgaseTrakand reports. 

I’ve witnessed this a bunch of times and those connections that I have stayed aware of have finished in a separation.

4. Watch out for the Popular Country Songs

The song you choose to dance to on your wedding day might play a very big role in your future. According to a photography assistant
sbashe5, couples who dance to top-charting country music are more likely to end the marriage

5. Apologizing for the Other’s Behavior

The wedding arranging process is inconceivably upsetting, in any event, for the most grounded couples. 

Wedding organizer AlmousCurious has seen a couple of signs that couples don’t have the stuff to make it, including: when one accomplice continually apologizes for the other’s conduct, the pair can’t adhere to choices, or when one accomplice supersedes all the choices. 

Then again, couples who are conscious to each other and their wedding staff and can settle on choices together have a strong relationship on the ascent. 

6. The Symbolism in a Sand Ceremony

KingLesbian was observer to a sand function where the lady of the hour should empty dark sand into a vial, and her better half should empty white sand into a similar vial. The objective was to pour simultaneously with the goal that the sands combined and made a dark sand. 

Rather, ‘as they poured they couldn’t adjust with one another by any means, one would hinder the other accelerated and the other way around, they wound up pouring close to consummately stratified highly contrasting layers.’ As their sand service anticipated, they weren’t an ideal match and they got a separation following two years.

7. Fighting on the Wedding Day

It is obviously a very bad sign if you can’t stop fighting long enough in order to enjoy your wedding day, but photographers see it all.

Photographer golden-lining shared a story about a couple who was very angry at each other on their wedding day, that they didn’t even want to look at each other. The photographer had to use photoshop in order to put a smile on the groom’s face on the wedding pictures.

8. Selfish or ‘Fluffy’ Wedding Vows

According to the wedding video editor codecduck, couples who write fluffy or selfish vows, and also vows that are unemotional or very short, are signaling a red flag!