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Why You Should Massage Your Feet Before Bed

Indeed, even simply thinking of getting a massage makes both feel-food and relaxing vibes. Regardless of whether you prefer a session that is focusing on your shoulders and your upper back or a whole-body massage. Massage has numerous benefits and therapeutic effects, supporting your general well-being and health.

Studies claim that there’s one message you ought to pick in for more. It is said that our feet may profit the most from a massage. In the traditional Chinese Medicine is it said that that the spirits of the feet are associated with various systems in our body. Specific feet areas may connect and stimulate certain systems and organs.

It’s no big surprise that massage is good for the health of individuals of every single distinctive age, and pets as well! Attempting to promote healthy blood flow and relaxation, a straightforward self-managed foot massage for 10 – 15 minutes every day before you go to bed can provide huge benefits for your health, the effects are significant to the point, that many studies have been led on the helpful advantages of touch and massage.

These researches focus around the psychological and physical benefits of massage on an assortment of ages and health conditions:

  • Patients with dementia demonstrated a positive improvement in relaxation, mood and alertness with foot massage, much more so than with the elective treatment of calm presence.
  • Pre-usable anxiety influences numerous patients who are experiencing minor or real medical procedure and surgeries. Massage has shown to be able to diminish anxiety levels after a couple of 20 minute sessions.
  • Thai foot massage was directed to diabetic patients who were dealing with peripheral neuropathy. While results were noted after simply the first complete session, following two weeks, improved foot sensation, balance and range of motion as well.
  • Babies with gastroesophageal reflux malady revealed a diminishing of symptoms and newborn child stress, enabling them to achieve a healthy body weight after a massage was performed for half an hour, two times per week for about a month and a half.
  • Chinese massage attempts to animate the body’s rest and relax reaction, with the impacts reaching their top after only 10 minutes.
  • Self-acupressure point massage has been given to lighten the symptoms and allergies of stress, pain, nausea, and allergies in healthy subjects.
  • A 15-minute massage had the capacity to improve the emotional, psychological and physical health for those in geriatric care.

Treat Yourself to a Simple Do-It-Yourself Foot Massage

It will only take you about 10 minutes every night before going to bed.

Step 1 – Prepare

  • You can put your feet in a tub of warm water before you begin, you can alternatively include minerals or essential oils, for example, lavender, sandalwood and frankincense oil.
  • Make sure the oil is natural, for example, olive, coconut or sesame oil or a cleaning lotion.
  • Take a seat on a chair or a bed and prop one foot on your lap, and let the other rest stretched out before you.
  • Add a little measure of the lotion or the oil to prepare your foot.

Step 2 – Soothe Your Sole

  • Hold the bottom of your foot immovably with two hands. Start scouring the highest point of the foot using a firm movement, while your thumbs gradually work their way down the underside of the foot.
  • Use a free clench hand or an open palm to tenderly tap the underside of your foot, to boost the blood flow.

Step 3 – Work the Toes

  • Hold your foot underneath the curve with one hand.
  • Use the thumb and forefinger to delicately extend your toes back.
  • Delicately pull each toe in a relentless movement.
  • Slide your pointer into the hole between each to, move this area forward and backward, scouring the base of each toe with your forefinger and thumb whenever wanted.
  • Delicately slide every one of the five fingers between every one of the toes at the same time.

Step 4 – Loosen Ankle Joints

  • Put the right foot over your left thigh. Use two hands, pivot your foot at the lower leg and delicately rub your fingers over the highest point of the bone.
  • Handle the wad of the foot with the other hand and turn the foot very slowly at the lower leg 3-5 times toward every direction.

Step 5 – Apply Pressure to the Arches

  • Cover your thumbs and apply delicate weight in the curve, just underneath the heel bone. At that point push gradually up deep down of the huge toe.
  • Start again by squeezing tenderly into the lower curve close to the heel bone and afterward gradually spread your thumbs open, extending the full width of the curve. Cover your thumbs once more, this time squeezing somewhat higher on the curve.
  • End this segment of your foot rub by just scouring in expansive roundabout movements with your thumbs around the curve.

Step 6 – Use the T-Shape Fan Technique

  • Fold two hands over your foot, with thumbs meeting at the base of your underside and fingers twisted delicately onto the highest point of the foot.
  • Press your thumbs into the bottom of your feet and after that clear them up the focal point of your underside. Close to the toes, fan the thumbs out toward the sides of the feet to finish the T-shape and stretch the foot outward.


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