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Woman Crochets Full Body Halloween Costumes For Her Kids (11 Pics)

Maybe sometimes we’re too lazy to get up and open up the door to the children who are trick-or-treating. But if Stephanie Pokorny’s children show up, you’ll probably get up and run to the door and fill their buckets with candies to the top!

Because Stephanie’s children are obsessed with Halloween, but she is too. She is creating costumes for them that you cannot find anywhere else. And to see these kids with their costumes is an experience in its own.

She wrote for Bored Panda:

Every year I crochet full-body costumes or my children, freehand.
Sometimes the costumes are from movies from the 80s, and some of them are from movies that are popular now.

1. Crochet Xenomorph Costume

Once they choose what they want to wear for Halloween, I start right away. They simply cannot wait until the costumes are done, Stephanie wrote.

Their family lives in a cool atmosphere, so the glow from the sew is constantly an or more as they circumvent the area. “Every one of the ensembles for the children takes between 25-40 hours, and I will in general work on them through the span of around about fourteen days. I have been knitting since I was 16. I was instructed by my Grandma, and these innovative outfits are my obsession.” 

2. Crochet Slimer Costume

Conversing with Bored Panda, Stephanie likewise uncovered where her energy for outfit making originates from. My mom made my ensembles for me as a youngster, and I was past eager to wear them. It brings me such bliss to have the option to do likewise for my kids!

3. Crochet Skeletor Costume

4.Crochet Predator Costume

5. Crochet E.T. Costume

6. Crochet Garden Gnome Costume

7. Crochet Harry Potter Costume

8. Crochet Pennywise Costume

9. Crochet Papa Smurf Costume

10. Crochet Pizza Costume

11. Crochet Jason Voorhees Mask


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