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Woman Gives Birth To Twins From 2 Different Dads, Her Husband & Her Lover

Sometimes the truth can be strange, however it cannot stay hidden forever. Each action has a consequence, and the affair of a Chinese woman took a very unexpected turn.

A Chinese newspaper, Strait Herald, reported birth of twins who have two fathers, according to the DNA tests. This story was revealed when the couple went to register their newborn twin sons at the local police station.

However, the father known by a pseudonym Xiaolong, was more than shocked when he found out his twins were not identical, and one of the babies didn’t even look like him.

The police said it is best to do a DNA test, and the father’s suspicion was correct. Mr. Zhang, the director at the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Center said that the father was very angry and furious, when he read the report.

The mother at that point blamed him for adulterating the outcomes, however she in the end admitted that she had a one night stand. The couple lives in Xiamen city. 

The paper announced that the husband was not ready to raise the infant that was not his own. 

This may sound inconceivable from the outset, however there is really an uncommon wonder, known as ‘heteropaternal superfecundation‘, which happens when a lady has sex with two men every day before or after ovulation. 

The female must be pregnant when the subsequent male impregnates her once more. On the off chance that she ovulates after she is as of now pregnant, another sperm can fertilize an egg. 

In uncommon cases, this may happen days after the main egg is treated, yet the two children at that point create at various rates. 

This wonder is increasingly normal in creatures like felines, canines, rodents, and cows, as they will in general have progressively sexual accomplices. 

As indicated by a recent report, at any rate one dizygotic (DZ) twin maternity in 12 is gone before by superfecundation, and the primary factors incorporate infidelity and promiscuity. The examination additionally proposed that one set of such twins in 400 conceived in the U.S. is bipaternal.

A research from 1992 has shown that 2.4% of paternity lawsuits are the cases of heteropaternal superfecundation, therefore this number is believed to be a lot higher, since many cases aren’t even discovered, and a lot of people don’t seek any legal counsel.


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