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Women Who Surround Themselves With Plants Live Longer

Everybody wants to be surrounded with their pets, their friends, sunshine, and fresh air, but have you ever thought of the benefits from the plants that surround us? According to the latest researches, living surrounded by plants can extend your life expectancy a lot. There was an 8 year old study, and the results of that study were analyzed by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public health, the study were searching and studying the link between our life expectancy and the vegetation we are surrounded with. According to the results of the study, women who live in the U.S. and are living in an area surrounded with a lot of vegetation, have higher life expectancy, compared to the ones that aren’t surrounded with a lot of vegetation. Women who were living in areas surrounded with a lot of green vegetation, have lower mortality rates than the ones that were living in their homes without any plants, and they were proven to have much better mental health.

How Does the Green Impact Our Health?

There are a few components that are research-backed, which prove that there is a link between the number of green plants we are surrounded by and our mortality rate. People who are surrounded with many plants, are less likely to suffer from depression. People who own plants or live in an area that is surrounded with forests and a lot of plants, have lower exposure to air pollution, have increased levels of physical activity and social engagement.

The best part about this study is, that it is made on a very big scale, and it is also the first and only nationwide study, on the bond between plants and health. The researchers were examining over 100,000 women for more than 8 years, from 2000 to 2008.

Peter James was also a member of the research group, and he reported that he was quite surprised when they started to see how important and beneficial the greens can be for us. Also many researchers were surprised when they found out how the greener areas improve our mental health.

You can say you are naturally blessed if you live in country areas, but if you are in a larger city, then you are in that group of people that is short of vegetation. Even if you live in an area where your house is completely surrounded with greenery, you still need a couple of plants that you must take care of.

Well, there are also thousands of people that don’t have the opportunity to be surrounded by greenery, but the plants that surround your home might not be enough, which is why you need some green plants inside your home.

What Are The Best Houseplants To Buy?

As we said, not everybody can live in a green area with a lot of plants and are not naturally blessed, but there are some plants that don’t require a lot of attention and maintaining, so they are easy to take care of.

NASA reported that English ivy, peace lily, spider plants and Boston ferns are one of the best natural air-purifying plants. Also the jasmine and lavender plant will help you fall asleep a lot easier. Also a German expert reported that the jasmine scent is treating anxiety too!

So if you want to add a couple of years to your life, and you want to get more of the natural green in your life, enjoy walks in the woods and put a lot of green plants in your house.

Source: www.globalremedyhouse.comĀ