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World-First Pill May NOT Stop Parkinson’s

Is there a new pill that can stop Parkinson’s Disease that’s in its tracks? That’s absolutely not true: According to the Michael J. Fox Foundation which funded the research, the news reports claim stunning results in animal tests that are promising to half the death of the brain cells with only one pill a day. The stories started from an article which was published on November 8, 2018 under the title “World-first pill may stop Parkinson’s”. It said:

Another treatment that seems to stop Parkinson’s illness “in its tracks” will start stage one clinical trials in people one year from now.

The treatment, created by specialists at the University of Queensland – and somewhat under-composed by the Michael J Fox Foundation – is a world first since it stops the demise of synapses in Parkinson’s sufferers as opposed to overseeing side effects.

In the event that human trails reverberation the shocking outcomes in creature testing, the aggravation of the cerebrum that causes such an extensive amount the dynamic harm in Parkinson’s disease (PD) could be stopped by taking one pill every day.

This is what the users on social media saw:

The users were reading the reports which said that this pill could be on the market in the nearest future:

The progress of MCC950 to market seems, by all accounts, to be going on rather rapidly. Both the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and the Ireland-based medication organization Inflazome are sharp for human trails to begin as quickly as time permits.

Multi day after this report was first distributed, the Michael J Fox Foundation distributed a disclaimer and cautioning to Parkinson’s sufferers and their families who may have built up a bogus expectation from the article. Composed by a specialist who worked for the philanthropy, it was titled “A Pill to Stop Parkinson’s?“:

A news story is flowing about a pill to stop Parkinson’s. For the a huge number of individuals anticipating a treatment that could slow or stop ailment – something we don’t yet have – articles like this offer expectation, however regularly they additionally overpromise.

The foundation has given a warning, and the warning stated that even if the therapy is proven to be safe/effective in the human trials, it will still take many many years before patients can use it:

The outcomes do look encouraging, yet the creator builds up the science with an exciting title and expansive ends. Since this is pre-clinical information, the treatment needs to experience a few stages (and numerous years) of testing before it might be prepared and substantial for human use.
The Michael J. Fox Foundation is enthusiastic about new targets and positive outcomes. Be that as it may, it’s baffling when the media plays on patients’ and families’ expectations.

The group has given a very good advice for those who are seeking for cures for different diseases. Be very aware and careful of what you read on the internet:

News barrages us always and, particularly when you’re pausing (justifiably) eagerly for the most recent leap forward, it tends to be difficult to separate data from falsehood. Be that as it may, anybody can be a savvy customer of research news. Try not to believe all that you read or hear, and look to impartial sources, for example, our site, to enable you to place news in setting.

 This story has been corrected to reflect the uncertainty of the early drug trials. It will be many years before the pill is ready for the market if it is proven to be safe and effective.


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